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  • Our Mission is to become the world’s leading eco-friendly and most respected    global pulp mold manufacturer through responsible and sustainable products.
  • Founded in November 1996 with a total investment of 430 million CNY, Dongguan Hui Lin Packaging Co.Ltd.(formerly named Lilin) is located in No.1 Industrial zone  Dazhou village, Qiaotou town,Dongguan city, Guangdong province,China.
  • Hui Lin has more than 30 innovative technology patents in the packaging industry.
  • We are one of the officially organized  members of the state standard Pulp            Molding manufacturer and Industrial Package companies (BB/T0045-2007) . We    are the leading  company of research and development for the production of       molded pulp products.
  • Our products are widely used in the packaging of high-end electronics and 
    appliances, toys, tableware, household goods, infant supplies, crafts, ceramics,
    medical, agricultural equipment and automobile parts, etc.






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With the professional staff and tremendous strength in production and technology, the company boasts advanced technologies with one of the largest production scale in the industry in mainland China. We pioneer the application of our independently designed and developed technologies (with national patents) of direct heat drying lines, mold heating and heating preservation,production,material management. In order to further to meet the requirements of domestic and overseas customer for high-quality products, Hui Lin has endeavored to the pass ISO9001,and IS014001 standards, certification established dust-free production  shops  and  automatic production lines. It is equally innovative in the establishment of pulp molding and die-cutting examination laboratory.

In 2008,the Die-cut and Converting Division was established to provide support and services to  our customers and strengthen our major competence.Advanced technologies of die-cutting are adopted in the  protective film,sign, label, photoelectric  film, foam, and double-coated adhesive,as well as insulation,shielding,radiating,vibration-absorptive electrically conductive, and anti-static materials.Our dust-free production shops  of Class 1,000,Class 10,000 and Class 100.000 are equipped with high-precision automatic machinery for die-cutting and processing.Our products provide solutions for packaging in the fields of electronics,electrical appliance, computer, communication,automobile and medical apparatus .

In order to meet the market demand and the company's development strategy, in May 2017 new build plant Hefei Huilin packaging co.Ltd. was added. It will adhere to the development concept of Dongguan Huilin Lin and strive to promote the business intelligent manufacturing and green development. For better service and higher quality of the products to meet the global customers demand .
We will continue to adhere to a rational, pragmatic and positive development strategies. The service -and-market-oriented company draws the attention of renowned international enterprises with its high-quality products, superior service, and professional skills. 

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